About The Tool

The block roller is a small but very powerful hand roller. The center is made of maple wood that is contoured to fit in the hand naturally for a great feel. Steel end caps hold a 3/16″ diameter steel axle fixed, does not rotate. The roller assembly is a 2 part combination unit. The core is phenolic material with a 3/16″ + diameter hole. #65 durometer natural rubber is bonded to the core. The roller is assembly is then machined on a lathe and ground to exact specifications for a perfectly round part. This part of the manufacturing is necessary for the roller to be exact for optimum and smooth pressure . The bearing action is key. The entire length, 3 1/4″, of the roller assembly is a bearing. This design allows for friction free action for the life of the tool. For added smoothness, nylon bushings are positioned on the axle between the roller assembly and the steel ends to keep action smooth for any lateral movement.

How does it work?

The tool fits in one hand with extreme comfort. The roller assembly gets positioned at the heel of your hand for a 100% transfer of energy applied directly to the roller. The natural feel and comfort allows for extreme pressure to be applied.

The one-handed operation allows for great control: For large areas, control means the ease of following a pattern to be assured the entire area is finished quickly, with no need for a second pass.

Your free hand is also key. You can use it for counter pressure on corners, angles, edges and hard to reach areas with ease.

The extreme strength of the design also allows for maximum pressure even on a ¾” edge.

You have to try it to believe it. Do yourself a favor and get one today!


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